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Oxfam’s Nicola Tallett on Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud

Oxfam’s Nicola Tallett on Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud

Nicola Tallett, then Director of Engagement at Oxfam, explains how the charity has used’s Nonprofit cloud and related tools.

She was speaking at Dreamforce, which was held online in December 2020.

Nonprofit Cloud provides a “360 view to segment, steward and make the right ask for supporters”.

She describes how, before the move to Nonprofit Cloud, she and her colleagues had been dealing with a database that “was holding us back”, whereas they planned to move to “a CRM system that enabled and empowered our business”. Because they were dealing with a range of problems, they started with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud and then added Marketing Cloud too.

In pulling those together, Tallett says that Oxfam had two principal objectives. First, it aimed to bring supporters “to the heart of all marketing and fundraising, and to ensure we think about the supporter first”. Secondly, it aimed to make sure that staff could benefit from improved internal processes.

“For our staff that means that they can get access to the information that’s relevant to them, [but] not every piece of information that we’ve ever held about anyone at any time”, she said.

In addition, by adding in the Marketing Cloud, “we’ve not got outbound and inbound marketing coming together in real time”. is a “social impact centre of Salesforce focused on partnering with the global community to tackle the world’s biggest problems”.

This is the first in four interviews with users of’s services for charities and nonprofits as part of a month-long focus on fundraising using CRMs.

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