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Support available to help charities with early stages of building-related projects

Melanie May | 2 July 2024 | News

A hand with a fineliner draws plans for a building. By Lex Productions on Pexels

Support is available to help small charities and community organisations get their building-related projects off the ground.

DESIGN FOR ALL has been set up to provide between two and four small charities and community organisations with professional expertise to help them with the early stages of their projects. It is a team of built environment professionals that includes architects, structural engineers, planning consultants, quantity surveyors, project managers and sustainability consultants.

While members of the team have previously provided pro-bono work for organisations, they say that this frequently comes through their contacts and that through DESIGN FOR ALL they want to make this more equitable and available to everyone.


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

What it offers & who’s eligible

The support programme is specifically for building related projects in early development, because this can be the most challenging part of the project to find funding for.

Work it can help with includes (but is not limited to) brief development, site studies, planning advice and sketch designs.

The programme is available to charities, community groups and other organisations that make positive contributions to their community and believe in good design. It is available to all England based charities and community organisations with a turnover of less than £1 million.

Successful applicants are asked to contribute 7.5% of the awarded support programme value, which will be used to cover any long distant travel costs, additional expenses and ongoing running of the support programme.

The application deadline is 19 July and more information is available on the DESIGN FOR ALL site.