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Five tweets for fundraisers for 19 July 2023

Howard Lake | 19 July 2023 | Blogs

Twitter blue lightbulbs. Photo: David McEachan on Pexels.com

A rare Hobbit book, handwritten letters at scale with ChatGPT (of course), giving despite the cost of living crisis, new grantmaking analysis, and the return of the National Fundraising Awards in 2024.

Here’s our latest selection from Twitter of ideas, data, reflections, and humour for fundraisers.

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An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

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1. Second breakfasts all round!

My precioussss! An eagle-eyed (or should that be Great Eagle-eyed?) charity shop worker in Dundee spotted a rare copy of The Hobbit amongst the donations.

2. The handwriting is on the wall with ChatGPT

The personal touch is important to fundraisers and donors alike. A handwritten envelope and letter, or even just a signature can make a difference these days.

Can we return to the days of handwritten letters? And at scale? LinusEkenstam has come across a device that shows how it might be done – provided you have a 3D plotter to hand…

3. Giving is the last to go

Earlier this year the Chartered Institute of Fundraising shared research from GOOD Agency which suggested charitable giving was still a core aim for many people, despite the cost of living crisis.

The agency’s Cost of Giving Monitor #2 suggests that 35% of people surveyed would be more like to cut back on energy than charitable giving!

4. Foundations of good data

360Giving has synthesised new analysis of grantmaking in the UK.

5. Recognise these?

The National Fundraising Awards are returning in 2024. That’s all I know at the moment, but it is very good to see them back.

If you like these, would you like a special ‘Five tweets for fundraisers’ on generative AI? I’ve been musing on pulling together one (or several) special editions.

And if your fundraising agency would like to sponsor a ‘Five tweets for fundraisers’ post (you’d get to choose the tweets, which could be your agency’s tweets of course), ask Connor Seaton for details.