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Find out how you can use UK Fundraising to promote your fundraising service, product, training event or conference to our extensive audience of charity fundraisers.

Adverts can be published on the website and/or via email, and our growing network of social media channels e.g. Twitter feeds, and LinkedIn group, company page and newsletter etc.

To advertise your service to charity fundraisers on UK Fundraising please contact Connor Seaton on 07437 042456.

For editorial enquiries contact Howard Lake on 07980 736350.

No guest blog posts accepted

We are not currently accepting guest blog post requests. This allows us to focus on our news updates, many of which are of course related to resources to help fundraisers during this period, and on our commercial content and advertising products to help companies and agencies get the word out about other services, courses and products for fundraisers. For the latter please contact our advertising sales team listed above.

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