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Manifesto for a Moral Revolution

Practices to Build a Better World 

In 2001, when Jacqueline Novogratz founded Acumen, a global community of socially and environmentally responsible partners dedicated to changing the way the world tackles poverty, few had heard of impact investing Acumen’s practice of doing well by doing good.

Nineteen years later, there’s been a seismic shift in how corporate boards and other stakeholders evaluate businesses.

Still, it isn’t easy to reach a success that includes profits as well as mutually favorable relationships with workers and the communities in which they live. So how can today’s leaders, who often kick off their enterprises with high hopes and short timetables, navigate the challenges of poverty and war, of egos and impatience, which have stymied generations of investors who came before?

Drawing on inspiring stories from change-makers around the world and on memories of her own most difficult experiences, Jacqueline divulges the most common leadership mistakes and the mind-sets needed to rise above them.

The culmination of 30 years of work developing sustainable solutions for the problems of the poor, Manifesto for a Moral Revolution offers the perspectives necessary for all those – whether ascending the corporate ladder or bringing solar light to rural villages – who seek to leave this world better off than they found it.

The book was longlisted for the Porchlight Business Book of the Year Award.

Cover of Manifesto for a Moral Revolution next to two pens.
Image: Acumen.org

About Jacqueline Novogratz

Jacqueline founded Acumen in 2001 with the idea of investing philanthropic patient capital in entrepreneurs seeking to solve the toughest issues of poverty. As a pioneer of impact investing, Acumen and its investments have brought critical services like healthcare, education and clean energy to hundreds of millions of low-income people.

Jacqueline has been named one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy, one of the 25 Smartest People of the Decade by the Daily Beast, and one of the world’s 100 Greatest Living Business Minds by Forbes, which also honoured her with the Forbes 400 Lifetime Achievement Award for Social Entrepreneurship.

In addition to her work with Acumen, she is a sought-after speaker and sits on a number of philanthropic boards. For example she is a member of Saïd Business School’s Global Leadership Council.

WATCH: Acumen’s Jacqueline Novogratz on Moral Leadership in a Time of Crisis

Peter Tufano in conversation with Jacqueline Novogratz about her book.

Video: Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
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