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The Generosity Crisis

The Case for Radical Connection to Solve Humanity’s Greatest Challenges.

Nathan Chappell, Brian Crimmins, and Michael Ashley explore the current state of philanthropy today and how we can change course to bring about a different, more connected future that benefits us all.

Together they deliver “a startlingly insightful investigation of that decline in generosity” — and offer dynamic solutions that demonstrate how to re-establish the interconnection that drives reciprocity, love, and generosity.

"Generosity is in crisis" quote and cover from The Generosity Crisis
Image: Chappell & Crimmins

They invite you to join an urgently needed conversation around generosity as an antidote to isolation and the requirement that technology be harnessed as the only scalable solution to reversing the generosity crisis by enabling radical connection; by inviting us to take society’s most intractable problems personally.

The Generosity Crisis - tablet version


“The Generosity Crisis confronts us with alarming trends in charitable giving. But it isn’t a bad news book about America. On the contrary, it shows us how donors and nonprofits can connect in new and better ways to inflect giving levels and lift each other up.”
Arthur C. Brooks, Professor, Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School, and #1 New York Times bestselling author

The number of Americans making charitable gifts has reached an all-time low and statistics show the percentages giving to charity annually could decline into the single digits within 49 years. Source: Generosity Crisis
Generosity in decline? Image: Chappell & Crimmins

“A long legacy of nonprofit change-making is woven into our social fabric, and critical to enduring change. And yet, donors have been dropping out of traditional charitable giving at a steady pace. The Generosity Crisis speaks the hard truth, calling on nonprofit leaders to reimagine their relationships with everyday philanthropists. This is a book that should be highlighted, dog-eared, and pencil-scrawled by the time you reach the last pages.”
Shannon McCracken, CEO, The Nonprofit Alliance

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